Athens University of Economics & Business

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB),  originally founded in 1920 under the name of Athens School of Commercial Studies, was renamed in 1926 as the Athens School of Economics and Business, a name that was retained until 1989 when it assumed its present name and status.
It is the third oldest Higher Education Institution in Greece and the oldest in the general fields of Economics and Business. Up to 1955 the School offered only one degree in the general field of Economics and Commerce.
In 1955 it started two separate programs leading to two separate degrees: in Economics and  Business Administration.
In 1984 the School was divided into three Departments, namely the Department of Economics, Business Administration and Statistics and Informatics.
In 1989, the University added three more departments and from 1999 onwards, developed  further and currently offers eight undergraduate and more than twenty postgraduate programs.

Undergraduate Studies

The University consists of eight Departments offering a B.A. or B.Sc. in the following fields:
  • Economics
  • International and European Economic Studies
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Management Science and Technology
  • Informatics
  • Statistics

Graduate Studies


AUEB offers numerous Master's Programs, either at the M.Sc. or the MBA level, mostly offered in Greek but also in English. To be admitted to an M.Sc. program a candidate must demonstrate good academic performance in his/her undergraduate studies, good score in the GMAT or GRE scores, and maturity to pursue studies at the graduate level. In addition in order to be admitted to an MBA, a candidate must demonstrate a good GMAT score, professional experience of minimum three years, good academic performance, and leadership potential.
AUEB also offers Doctoral Programs. Candidates who get admitted to the Doctoral programs have to follow one semester or one year of courses, sit for and succesfully pass the qualifying exams, and then undertake a Doctoral research, submit a Thesis and defend it successfully in front of an academic jury.


Academic Staff

The academic staff of the University consists of Faculty members, teaching and research assistants, foreign language lecturers, physical education instructors and humanities teachers. Requirements for a Faculty position include a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) and published research. Faculty members are elected on the basis of their academic qualifications by Faculty members of the same or higher rank. They are assisted in their tasks by teaching and research assistants, many of whom hold Master's Degrees of Ph.Ds. Adjunct lecturers hold  Ph.D. Degrees and teach specific courses depending on needs. Finally visiting Professors are regularly invited to teach.