PR.I.MA. Project



This project refers to the joint development of a "study program" in International Marketing at an advanced level. Graduate students are  the target group of this project, those interested in acquiring all relevant marketing skills and competencies, which are required in developing, pricing, distributing and promoting products and services in export markets.

The main objectives of the project are as follows: to strengthen the European dimension of the program by combining the expertise and state-of-the-art knowledge of European universities from several countries and diverse cultural environments; to provide access to new member states within the European Union; and to facilitate both staff and student mobility among the different institutions.

The main activities of the project include the development of a post-graduate programme in International Marketing, the implementation and the dissemination of this program. The expected outcomes of the project include a complete study program of twelve courses, description of individual courses on the basis of ECTS rules, course material and the development of a website for the program.

Participating Universities 

Particular attention has been paid to the geographical spread of partners. As a result, the partnership consists of five institutions deriving from different regions of the European Union:

  • The coordinating institution of the project is Athens University of Economics & Business,  Greece.

    - AUEB is the third oldest Higher Education Institution in Greece and the most prestigious in the fields of Economics and Business.
    - It offers eight undergraduate and more than twenty postgraduate programs.
    - It is ranked in the top 5% according to Der Spiegel magazine among 500 European Universities (ranked 25th). 
    - It is internationally ranked in the 48th place in the field of Econometrics,  according to the Journal of Econometric Theory.
    - It is the centre of excellence for European Studies in Greece selected by the European Union.
    - Its European Documentation Center coordinates all the  European Documentation Centers of Greek universities.