M.Sc. in Marketing & Communication | Specialization in International Marketing | Athens University of Economics & Business

Degree Requirements


Course attendance in mandatory. Student attendance lists are maintained by the secretariat. Students are also required to arrive timely, so as not to disturb the class. Each student is allowed to skip up to three lectures of each module for personal reasons, otherwise he/she cannot sit for the exams of this module. In such a case the student should repeat the module in the next available respective semester. 

Exams and Grading

At the end of each module, students participate in written examinations. The final grade of each module is calculated according to the assessment of the students:
  • Exam paper
  • Case study / project / simulation games preparation
  • Class participation

The grading scale is as follows:

  • 8.50 - 10.00 = excellent (honors)
  • 7.00 - 8.49 = very good
  • 5.50 - 6.99 = good
  • 5.00 - 5.49 = passing grade
  • 0 - 4.99 = failure (F)

In case of failure the student can resit for exams at a later time (normally after 3-4 months) specified by the course's administration. If a student fails more than three modules at any point during the course, he or she is automatically disqualified and rejected from the course.

Award of the degree

For the succesful completion of the International Marketing course, students must pass all the 8 modules and undertake the dissertation project.