M.Sc. in Marketing & Communication | Specialization in International Marketing | Athens University of Economics & Business

Master Thesis

The final months of the academic programme are devoted to the writing of the Master Thesis. The preparation of a Master Thesis is one of the most creative challenges of a post graduate programme. The Thesis aims to:
   ♦ provide an opportunity to study a particular topic in depth;    
   ♦ put into practice theories and concepts learned in the programme;
   ♦ combine relevant theories and suggest alternatives;
   ♦ enable interaction with practitioners.

Since the course focuses on International Marketing, the thesis must have a substantial marketing/international marketing aspect. Students are given the following three options:
    ♦ to undertake their thesis in AUEB
    ♦ to undertake their thesis abroad in a host university under the Erasmus programme*
    ♦ to undertake a field study project (FSP) in groups of 2-3 students in one of the companies that collaborate with PRIMA**

The Master Thesis must be written in English.

 * For the list of participating institutions, please click here.
** For the companies and organisations that are currently collaborating with PRIMA, please click here.