PRIMA is a one-year (12 months) master’s program that is accredited according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Successful completion requires students to achieve a total of 75 ECTS credits (core module: 7.5 ECTS; Master thesis: 15 ECTS).

PRIMA’s curriculum has been designed to provide knowledge, wisdom and skills required for successful professional careers in International Marketing. The academic year consists of four educational periods followed by a period for the drafting of a dissertation. The program includes 8 modules and a Master Thesis. 


The modules provide students with an in-depth understanding of the latest principles and practices in International Marketing and Communication Management. The Master Thesis gives students the opportunity to consolidate and apply the knowledge gained in the taught modules and to develop important employability skills such as analytical/research, problem solving, time management and communication.


Finally, PRIMA offers a series of workshops and seminars led by subject-area experts throughout the year to provide students with additional insight on hot topics in business and assist them in their job hunting preparation and workplace readiness.