M.Sc. in Marketing & Communication | Specialization in International Marketing | Athens University of Economics & Business

Workshops & Seminars

A program of workshops and seminars is run for PRIMA students to further familiarize them with real business life problems and challenges and to develop their practical managerial skills. All workshops and seminars are delivered by qualified and experienced scholars, company executives & freelancers and they are fully funded by the program.


Focus Groups: From Theory to Practice
This interactive workshop serves to provide students with an overview and understanding of the theory and practice of focus group research.
The workshop will discuss what focus groups are, how they are composed, and when they should be used in academic research. Practical tips on planning and conducting focus group research (e.g. how to recruit participants, how to plan a focus group study) are analysed. Illustrative examples are used to facilitate development of actionable knowledge on the focus group method.


Data Analysis using SPSS

This 9-hour workshop covers the basic analysis functions provided by the MS Windows version of the powerful statistical package SPSS, and it involves namely: entering data into SPSS; importing data from external sources; doing statistical analysis such as: frequencies, crosstabulation with Pearson chi-square, comparing means (t-test & ANOVA), correlation analysis, regression analysis, reliability analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis; transforming and recoding data; working with graphs.



Leading Marketing Experts Forum

Distinguished top executives from leading Greek and multinational companies possessing a recognized track record in business are  invited as guest speakers to deliver a 2-hour seminar on topics related to global marketing and communication strategies.

How to Write a Master’s Dissertation
The aim of this 6-hour seminar is to discuss the content, structure format and style of a Master’s dissertation and to present a brief overview of some common quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches and how these should be integrated in a Master’s dissertation.