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Academic calendar

The academic year starts in September of each year and ends in July of the following year. It is divided into two semesters (Fall and Spring) during which mandatory modules are taught. The exact dates of each semester, as well as the corresponding examination periods are determined at the beginning of each semester and are announced on time. In the third semester two elective modules and a dissertation are included.

Registration period Beginning of September
Induction Day End of September
Beginning of 1st semester Beginning of October
End of 1st semester Mid December – Early January
1st semester Exams January

Beginning of 2nd semester Beginning of February
Selection of Dissertation type April
End of 2nd semester End of May
2nd semester exams June
Submission of Dissertation topic End of June
Elective modules July

Writing of Dissertation July-January
Submission of Dissertation Mid January
Dissertation examination February
Graduation ceremony July