Class attendance


According to the Academic Regulations, class attendance is mandatory. Absence from class of each specific module for a period exceeding 1/3 of the total taught hours of the module automatically means failure in this module. Furthermore, attendance is mandatory  for workshops and other activities organized. 


Student attendance lists are maintained by the program's secretariat. Students are also required to arrive on time in order not to disrupt the class.


Internet access


The Network Operation Center (NOC) of AUEB gives the possibility to post-graduate students to obtain an account through the University’s webserver (aueb account). The username and password for these accounts are sent to the students by the secretariat. Students gain access to the electronic library,  e-class platform as well as the university's (vpn) and obtain an e-mail account. Relevant guidelines are available on our Facilities and Services section or on the university’s website.



Student id/pass


At the beginning of the program students will be given full instructions in order to apply for their id/pass available on the website of the Greek Ministry of Education. Relevant guidelines are provided by the secretariat at the beginning of the academic year.


Modules’ material


The modules’ material is uploaded by the instructors and available on the university's  e-class platform. User name and password maintained by the NOC will allow access to this platform. Full instructions on how to use the e-class platform can be found here.





Certificates from the secretariat are issued upon request. International students must fill in and send via e-mail, fax or submit in person the relevant application form. Home students must fill in the application in the students' portal. Certificates are received after 3 working days.