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Student Testimonials

PRIMA 2008-09


Maria Karampela

PhD Candidate & Principal's Career Development Scholarship Tutor
University of Edinburgh Business School, UK  

I joined the PRIMA course in its first year of operation and this turned out to be both a challenge and a benefit, because I had the chance to become a member of a highly motivated team that assisted in the formation of one of the most innovative Master's degrees in Greece. Its character stems from a combination of different parameters related primarily to the quality of work presented throughout its duration. The modules were organized around key issues and challenges faced by companies wishing to compete both domestically and internationally.

The structure of the curriculum combined core theory and practical details, which were well integrated through lectures, workshops, case studies analyses, field trips to the headquarters of companies, as well as team and individual projects. The projects served to combine theory and practice and apply principles on real contexts. Individual projects were thought provoking and triggered reflection while small-sized team projects provided the appropriate foundations for collaboration, development of time management skills and encouragement of stimulating discussions, thus advancing understanding of the course’s fundamental concepts.

The most important benefit I received was the interaction with a large number of lecturers and module facilitators. The former are members of a vibrant research community in the field of marketing and the quality of their teaching and research skills was evident to me throughout the course. Last but not least, I consider that the administrative support and the warmth of the staff are considered the competitive advantage of this course.


Chris Diamantakos

Senior Consultant, Zampple Hellas, Greece

PRIMA gave me the opportunity to attend lectures delivered by professors with high academic credentials and become a member of a unique team of experts in the field of International Marketing. The innovative approach of the course and its reputation in developing International Marketing specialists, helped me succeed in the business arena and find a job in my field of expertise, despite the difficult economic environment. Moreover, my Field Study Project on one of Greece’s leading companies helped me gain considerable professional experience. PRIMA was the best choice for me.

PRIMA 2009-10


Magda Karagkouni

Store Manager at Marks & Spencer’s, Greece

After one and a half year from the completion of my M.Sc. at Athens University of Economics and Business in the field of International Marketing, I feel that I have made the right choice. PRIMA is a well- structured course offering students proficient knowledge from the leading experts in International Marketing, investigating and analyzing in a sophisticated manner all  key factors of marketing from an international perspective. The course was offered in English and gives you the opportunity to pursue your dissertation research at other European Institutions. I chose Strathclyde University in Scotland which was the most invaluable experience I have ever had. I exposed myself to different cultural backgrounds, met amazing people and faced numerous challenges.

I am currently employed in the International Retail Graduate Scheme of Marks and Spencer’s, UK. I had worked all around Europe as part of my training and got involved with people from different countries. PRIMA helped me develop cross-cultural communication skills and understand the “think global, act local’ behavior which I can easily distill in my work.

Eva Lexutt

Research Associate and PhD Candidate

Department of Service Management

Fernuniversitat Hagen

The decision to pursue the PRIMA Master’s Degree was the right one. The level and quality of studies is high, the modules interesting and practical since they focus on many case studies. The main difference, however, was the friendly and family-like atmosphere; the course was not attended by many students, and the professors are not only very competent, but also friendly, available for meetings, and willing to offer guidance.

Lars Jensen

Research Assistant and PhD Candidate
International Marketing at TU Dortmund University, Germany

To apply for PRIMA has been the ideal stepping stone for my future career in international marketing. The international character of the course has helped me to develop a global mindset, a skill which you need to have in order to hold a leading position in small and large companies being active or having the aim to operate in international markets.

During my time in Athens I had the chance to meet people from a lot of different cultural and scientific backgrounds, both in and outside the class room. Thus, I engaged in many interesting discussions which have helped me to become confident and to feel comfortable in international work settings.

The fact that my study visit in Greece fell in the time of the worst economic crisis of the last 50 years has actually provided me with a distinctive skill. For instance, I had the opportunity to discuss with my peers and teachers the impact of crisis on consumer behavior. Given the fact that the economic crisis is increasingly affecting other European countries, my impressions and observations in respect to consumer behavior, may provide a valuable assets to any firm operating on an international scale.

PRIMA, as a very innovative course, has even made it possible for me to cooperate with the Danish dairy giant ArlaFoods (*the seventh largest diary company in the world) on a common research project on consumer behavior in Greece. This common research project combined with my master’s degree in marketing and communication with specialization in international marketing is a very good eye catcher on my CV and has helped me to develop my next career steps.

PRIMA 2010-11


Andreanna Nikolaou

Marketing Manager

Home Collections, Cyprus

After completing my undergraduate studies in the UK, my decision to study at AUEB and pursue PRIMA proved to be the best. The program provided the knowledge required to follow a successful career in Marketing. In addition, the opportunity to attend various workshops, seminars and other extra-mural activities is definitely something that makes PRIMA an outstanding course. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Marketing without hesitation.

Ani Khachatryan

Marketing and PR Manager

AREGAK Universal Credit Organization

Oh Greece! Such a beautiful country. My time at Athens University of Economics and Business is memorable. I made the decision to enroll in the International Marketing course (PRIMA) while I was completing my BA in Management in Armenia.  The University’s course content had met my career expectations. It offered the opportunity to blend my previous academic background and my professional experience engaging students in more practical application of both knowledge and skills. At AUEB I had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus student exchange program and visit another country (University of Cyprus) in order  to acquaint myself with a different culture, broaden my horizons and befriend people from other countries as well. Being an international student I became “twice” international by studying in Cyprus as well. The time I spent both in Greece and Cyprus remains unforgettable and I savor it highly, since it has given me knowledge, professional wisdom and practical skills.

PRIMA 2011-12


Barbara Michail

Sales / Key Account Assistant

Olympic Hermes S.A., Athens, Greece

Being involved in the field of international marketing was and still is a dream of mine. PRIMA was the best start to realize my dream. Its modules and instructors, enabled me to gain a thorough understanding of marketing in general and international marketing in particular. It is important to mention that PRIMA students benefit from guest speakers who are invited to the program to share their professional expertise. Above all, PRIMA, gave me the opportunity to go abroad, as an Erasmus student, in particular to Radboud University in the Netherlands, to complete my dissertation. It was a great opportunity to get to know different cultures and to learn how to work in a foreign academic environment.

PRIMA is a student’s right choice for quality graduate education in the field of International Marketing in Greece!


Danae Tseva

Marketing Graduate Trainee, NIVEA Sun Care & Liposan

Beiersdorf Hellas, Athens, Greece

Being part of PRIMA was one of the best things that happened to me. The program enabled me to develop an international mindset due to its curriculum but also through the opportunity to live and study abroad. Learning to work among people with different cultural and academic backgrounds was a great challenge that enabled me to think and act outside my comfort zone. Applying theory into practice in group assignments every single week was an experience as close as one could get to an actual professional situation. Today, working in the Marketing department of Beiersdorf Hellas, I know that PRIMA provided me with all that I needed to go after my professional dream.

PRIMA 2012-13


Elena Fasoula

Marketing Assistant / Consumer Business Group
3M Hellas MEPE, Greece

My choice to pursue PRIMA for my postgraduate studies turned out to be rather fruitful and beneficial for various reasons. Due to the program’s international features and its innovative aspect I was introduced to numerous courses that helped me formulate a solid academic background, whereas the depth of the taught modules offered a holistic perspective of Marketing Management.
In addition, the intense team work and group assignments that my fellow students and I had to prepare, enhanced discipline and cooperation, while the presentations that were made by executives and professionals from a wide range of companies enabled us to gain insight of the issues that organizations have to confront in the business arena. It is also of utmost importance that PRIMA is one of the few programs in Greece which are taught in English, a fact that undoubtedly constitutes its paramount competitive advantage. As part of the curriculum, we attended an elective module at Koç University, Istanbul, an experience that enhanced our mindset with dinstinct international features. The most significant feature of PRIMA however, lies upon the high standards and invaluable contribution of its faculty and staff that constantly provoked thinking and learning whilst being truly supportive and approachable.

On a more personal tone, I reckon PRIMA was a life-changing experience. I was given the opportunity to become a member of a high caliber team that worked on a Field Study Project (dissertation) in close collaboration with 3M Hellas. The demanding nature of the project and the fact that we were constantly communicating with executives, enabled me to understand the objectives and rationale of the company and to finally join its workforce. In other words, the program helped me succeed in my field of expertise by shaping a truly marketing professional.


Tian Yuan

Sales and Marketing Trainee,

IceCream BU North Region, Nestle Greater China

I believe that PRIMA is the best business program one can ask for in Greece, in terms of both the quality of the curriculum and the extra-curricular activities. I was from a completely different educational background with almost zero working experience when I first entered the PRIMA classroom. Two years later, with the knowledge I gained, I joined the workforce of the largest food company in the world.

PRIMA is the place where one grows from being a student to being a world-class business person. It does not only offer knowledge, but also builds up a sense of doing business from which you will benefit for the rest of your career. In addition, you will make some of your best life-time friends who are competent and willing to assist you both personally and professionally.

However, It should be clarified that none of these can be realized without one’s own hard work. The program aims at motivated and talented individuals with a drive for success. So if you feel you deserve this, you are welcome to join us!

PRIMA 2013-14


Eirini Paschou

Marketing Assistant
Intorel s.à.r.l.
Developer of M&C systems, Luxembourg

I do believe that Prima was a great experience for me since I had the chance to broaden my horizons to a completely new world of information and knowledge. Apart from knowledge, I believe that the most important benefit of Prima was that I gained an international perspective of comprehending things and situations, becoming more open-minded regarding different cultures and people and obtaining a global mentality and way of thinking. Our professors contributed to this and managed to convey to us all the necessary information and knowledge through interesting exercises, projects and team building activities in the classroom, while they were always willing and prompt to answer our questions and elaborate on points that warrant further discussion. Finally, our courses were carefully chosen, covering a wide range of marketing and business fields.


Athanasios Polyportis (M.Eng., M.Sc.)

Ph.D. program
Dept. of Marketing & Communication, AUEB

Why would I recommend PRIMA without reservation? Well, it is difficult to explain in few words the impact that this experience had in me. An authority in the given field taught each class and all the instructors were generous in sharing their knowledge. They were always available to answer questions and push us to excel. We, students, participated in many, well-organized interdisciplinary courses and on-field projects that provided us with adequate knowledge and tools to understand the marketing world. In addition, we were challenged to use that knowledge and tools with a view to thinking creatively and being successful and competitive not only in the domestic but also in the international context. Further, I have made lifelong friends and colleagues as we all networked with and looked out for each other. As an AUEB alumnus, I will always be grateful for the education I received. The Program immediately boosted my professional career with a promotion to a Marketing Management position and provided me with a solid academic background for my current pursuit of a Ph.D. in Neuromarketing.

PRIMA 2014-15


Julia Petrikova

Business Development Associate
Truberries, Greece

PRIMA is a great choice for those who are keen to get a high class education as well as hands-on business skills and experience. The program not only provides an extensive academic background in the field of International Marketing, but also gives students the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities that showcase the challenges of real businesses in Greece and abroad. In addition, during the final, dissertation stage of the program, we were given a unique opportunity to work closely with some of the most well-known global brands. I personally conducted, as part of a great team, a practical marketing project in close collaboration with the executives of 3M Hellas. This paid me off as I gained in-depth knowledge of current marketing trends and subsequently became part of a Greek Marketing Research Agency’s team. I personally believe that of utmost importance is the devoted approach of the PRIMA professors and faculty members, who were able to create a challenging and at the same time highly engaging learning environment throughout the program.


Afrodite Foniadaki

Marketing Trainee
Unilever, Greece

After completing my bachelor degree, in search of the best master program in marketing, I found PRIMA; a program offered by the best economic university in Greece. My decision was justified at the end of my studies as I look back to everything I gained and how much I evolved personally, academically and professionally. I had the chance to learn by the best in the field of marketing, exchange ideas, knowledge and experience, make friends and establish long lasting relationships, travel and broaden my horizons. PRIMA gave me the foundations needed to pursue a promising professional career. My time in PRIMA was one of the most complete, interesting, challenging and thrilling time of my life. I would like to express my gratitude to the personnel of Athens University of Economics and Business for their support and encouragement throughout my studies. I would definitely recommend PRIMA to anyone interested in a top master program in marketing.


PRIMA 2015-16


Nada Jovanovic

Junior Brand Manager Chocolate Greece
Mars East Med

PRIMA was an excellent choice to study International Marketing in Greece and to specialize in intercultural communication. My experience of living in a foreign country gave me the wings and confidence that an international career requires. Now I can easily go wherever I need to reach my goal.


Myrto Tsouki

Assistant Brand Manager
ANTENNA Group, Greece

What I really enjoyed is that PRIMA gave us the opportunity to get in touch with academics from abroad and thus get an international perspective. PRIMA is an excellent choice and at the same time a value for money option for postgraduate studies in an English-speaking international environment, of equal quality to that currently provided abroad.